Wire and Honey, Not Just a Clothing Company


Wire and Honey is a clothing company from Baltimore that is MUCH more than apparel. They created a business model built on philanthropy but they have become a small business with a big voice. The owner, Sa"Rah", has a heart for humanity that shines in everything they do. Wire and Honey's designs don't just profit off of issues, they spread awareness and use their company as a platform to encourage all of us to do the right thing.

Supporting small businesses is kind of my thing but I share about Wire and Honey with my friends and family more than any other small business and it's simple to see why that is. I couldn't be prouder to support a company that has integrity and compels others to as well. When we give our nieces and nephews gifts, they are powerful Wire and Honey shirts.

Top Gun is my favorite movie and their Maverick, Goose, and IceMan shirts are hotter than "The Volleyball" scene!

Check out their Facebook page and see that they put their hearts into action! I am so lucky to have met Rah and to watch the growth of Wire and Honey. They deserve every amazing thing coming to them because they put that back into the Universe ten fold!


Shop Small Spotlight • The Woven Feather

Today I'd like to introduce you to a creative and spunky business owner that I am lucky enough to call a dear friend! Kara is the owner and creative hands behind The Woven Feather. You can find something for everyone at The Woven Feather; zipper pouches, home decor, baby gifts, and so much more. Everything is "Always handmade. Always unique."

The Woven Feather's name comes from Psalm 91:4 "and under His wings you will find refuge." Kara is driven by her faith and you can see the talent she has been blessed with in each of her pieces. She taught herself how to sew when she was pregnant with her first son and now she shares her talents by teaching. You can take a class from her at Strawberry Patches in Bakersfield, CA.

Kara, her husband, and 2 handsome sons call Southern California their home. You can meet her and her family on Instagram. You'll want to follow her on Instagram to keep up with their adventures! Her shop even has a sale-only Instagram account that will give you exclusive access to limited edition pieces and sales before they go into her Etsy shop.

The Woven Feather is having an Instagram sale today, June 14, 2015! Kara will be selling Instagram only pieces today as well. These are just a few of what will be available...

How gorgeous are those?! I know! Now that you are thoroughly in love with Kara's The Woven Feather, you'll fall into a zipper pouch addiction like I have. Don't worry, your secret is safe with us!

Our readers can enjoy 20% OFF with code: SUMMER20 at TheWovenFeather.etsy.com, good through Tuesday, June 16, 2015. Don't forget to follow The Woven Feather on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and their Blog.


New Month, New Blog

This has been a long time coming and I am SO excited that it's coming to fruition! Ha ha, see what I did there. Anyway. You will be seeing a lot of awesome new content and meeting some amazing new people. My hope is that you will find a little home here at the koco & viking blog. Maybe this will be a spot for you to take some time to yourself everyday. Welcome to our village!


Spring Fling Swap

Do you long for the days of hand written letters and surprises in the mail? We love us an awesome pen pal. Join the Spring Fling Swap and you'll be paired up with a new bestie! 

Your donation will support Anchors and Feathers, a ministry that provides support and love to teens battling depression!


Anchors and Feathers, Providing Hope and Bravery for Teens with Depression

When 4 women with strong faith, a loving friendship, and deep connections with the world of depression get together they create Anchors and Feathers! I am honored to have been asked to join forces with 3 other women that have inspiring hearts. Anchors and Feathers provides Boxes of Bravery and Boxes of Hope to teens that are battling depression.

This month at instagram.com/shopkocoandviking we are hosting a fundraising for Anchors and Feathers. The fundraiser will go directly to providing these uplifting boxes of strength to these children of God who so need our love. Please stay tuned as our ministry grows. We invite you to be part of this amazingness!


Be the Light Advent Acts of Kindness

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@bushelandbobbin and I have had something so special in the works and, in case you didn't see her post a few days ago, I'm so happy to finally share it! Be the Light - Advent Acts of Kindness starts today and finishes Dec. 24th. 24 of us will host a daily act of kindness prompt and scripture. 

Our goal? To be a light within our communities and spread the true meaning of the season! We have the daily prompts in a printable calendar and little kindness cards for you to leave little notes and brings smiles to hearts. Please feel free to download and print the Calendar of prompts and Kindness Cards to participate! See them at the bottom of the post.

The following ladies are hosting with us, so give them some love and get excited for what they have planned this month...

We can't wait to see how you'll shine this December! #bethelight2014


Handmade Holiday Gift Guide • Day 8 • For the Hard to Shop For

What do you get the person who has everything, is super picky, or you just have no idea what they would like? These shops have you covered! 

Gabriel's Good Tidings
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Instagram: @gabrielsgoodtidings
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Instagram: @noendnaturals
Gift Guide Giveaway: white chocolate peppermint body butter and coconut sugar scrub

My name is Kelby, I am a mom of three and I craft lovely, handmade, organic, vegan body/baby/beauty products. I wanted non-toxic, cruelty-free, affordable, and EFFECTIVE stuffs for myself and my own family, and after searching and researching, I realized I needed to make them myself. Shortly after, my friends and family wanted them too, and No End Naturals was born! 

Cards Du Jour
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Instagram: @cardsdujour
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Crafting Homestead

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Instagram: @craftinghomestead
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Handmade Holiday Gift Guide • Day 7 • Mommy and Baby

  These shops have something for you and the little love! Whether you need something to keep the baby occupied while you are together or if you need something for you to relax, they have something for you that you will love. 

Easily Charming
Exclusive discount code: SHIPFORFREE exp. 12/31
Instagram: @easilycharming
Gift Guide Giveaway: Natural Wood Bead Necklace

Exclusive discount code: HANDMADEHOLIDAY for 20% Off
Gift Guide Giveaway: $30 Shop Credit

Despite being a nurse (Jenine) and a social worker (Amanda) by day, we are crafters at heart. Our journey creating handmade crafts began over thirty years ago, when Jenine started a business out of our home. Working from home allowed her to be a stay at home Mom to her three spunky daughters. The entire family spent summer weekends on the road at craft festivals and fairs throughout Minnesota and the surrounding states. Although our products have changed throughout the years, our love of creating things has remained the same. We are inspired by life and enjoy combining textures, fabrics, and colors in a whimsical way. We find great joy in creating art and hope to share our love and wonder with others.

Caroline Randall Made
Exclusive discount code: HOLIDAY2014 for 15% Off Exp. 12/16
Instagram: @shop.crmade
Gift Guide Giveaway: 24 Oz. Mason Jar with Christmas Chalk Art Sleeve and Cuppow Lid 

Caroline Randall Made makes amazing pieces from baby teethers (seen featured) to beautiful mason jar sets (seen pictured). Caroline's love of handmade was embedded early through her Mom, who always supported small handmade artisans. She loves sewing fun, functional items for the whole family while homeschooling 3 boys with her husband. She is saved by Grace, loves her three crazy dogs and especially loves to encourage others.

Instagram: @kirtleymichelle
Gift Guide Giveaway: $25 Shop Credit

Shop Kirtley Michelle is filled with pieces for your trendy little ones plus home heirloom pieces. 


Handmade Holiday Gift Guide • Day 6 • Dressed to Kill

Do your friends come to you for fashion advice? You're such the fashionista! These shops will keep you lookin' fly and you can grab some amazing gifts for the other people you love too!

KC Batik
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Instagram: @kris10apr_kcbatik
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I am a stay-at-home mother that is bursting with creativity so I put that on tee shirts!This started as a hobby of mine. I used to paint on canvas but no one ever saw the paintings unless they came to visit my house. The walls began to overflow with canvas paintings so I needed a new outlet. I researched batik and found a whole other avenue in which to show my work to the world through wearable art!

Exclusive discount code: GIFTGUIDE for 25% Off $20+
Gift Guide Giveaway: Custom Photo Silver Plated Necklace

Be a Rock Star Gift Giver™ with our heartfelt + meaningful gifts! Everything is made by hand in California along it's beautiful Central Coast by a mother + daughter team. koco & viking loves to create custom pieces that become treasured heirlooms.

Good Sailor Apparel
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Instagram: @goodsailorapparel
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Instagram: @shopatinycircus
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