A Week Of Giveaways

April 21-25
A Giveaway a Day!

We've had a super fun time celebrating April so far and the awesomeness continues next Monday-Friday with a giveaway EACH DAY! Right here, on the blog, we'll have a giveaway every single day to celebrate Jasmine's birthday. Wahoo!

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Instagram Fundraiser for Savannah's Stolen Moment Campaign

Instagram Benefit Auction for
Savannah's Stolen Moment Campaign

April 14th 8am PST to April 15th 8pm PST

Organized and hosted by koco & viking @kocoandviking

About Savannah's Stolen Moment Campaign (from her dad)
"I'm sorry if this is very raw, but my baby girl died this morning.
Please believe me when I say that Savannah, who was 2-and-a-half, was loved every second that she was alive. My wife and I fed her the healthiest foods, gave her that extra-fancy milk with the DHA in it, enrolled her in a little gym class and showered her with countless hugs and kisses. As a dad, I practiced every day until I finally (mostly) figured out how to make pigtails. She was a healthy, happy child - this is not how things are supposed to end.
We're not sure what happened. We woke up this morning, and she did not.
If you've never dealt with loss, I sincerely hope that you never do. If you have, then you know the worst feeling is the sense of helplessness, of frustration. The only thing you can do, it seems, is admit that you have no control. And when you're a parent - the person who is supposed to be able to make everything better - that's a horrifying thing to admit.
If you've read this far, I thank you. I won't take up much more of your time.
One thing that does give me solace is that when "Savvy" was with us, we shared lots of unplanned memories with her. A surprise trip to an indoor playground, an unexpected cookie at Starbucks, a walk along the beach on a random Tuesday afternoon - and I came to refer to these as "Stolen Moments."
I'm feeling very powerless right now. But people have already begun asking how they can help, and in the days ahead I don't want a bunch of money to be thrown away on flowers. I'd recommend a charity for people to make donations in her honor, but I'm very weary of the way many charities take your money and use them to pay overhead. The only way I can handle this powerlessness, I figure, is with the power to give someone else joy.
So, here's my idea: If you'd like to make a donation in Savannah's name - any size - please do it here. And my dream is to take every penny of those donations, locate a special little girl somewhere in the world - and give her and her family the "Stolen Moment" that we'll never be able to make with our baby Savannah.
I will find a family somewhere - someone I have never met before and has no connection to anyone I know - and help them make a Stolen Moment. The only 3 requirements are that they have a little girl, that they very clearly love her, and that they don't have the financial means to typically do this sort of thing.
Perhaps we can send them to Disneyland, and get them the greatest hotel room ever. Perhaps we could fly them somewhere. I want to give some little person a moment with her Mom and Dad that she'll remember forever - a moment that they would never have without us doing this.
Any money raised above the costs of the "Stolen Moment" will be put into a college fund for that child.
After the Stolen Moment takes place, I'll ask that the family meet with my wife and I, show us all the pictures they took, and tell us every awesome detail. In the wake of this tragedy, I'm determined to create joy.
Savannah was too young for me to say that this is what she would have wanted. But I can tell you that this is what I would've raised her to believe was the right thing to do.
If you have read this far, but cannot make a donation, I completely understand. Thank you for listening.
But please, I ask that you do this for my Savannah, the girl I would give anything to have back in my arms right now: Hug your child tight, tell them that you love them. Every. Damn. Day.
And the next time your child wants to play with your phone, even though they have peanut butter all over their hands and will just delete all your apps and make the screen too bright and you don't know how to change it back...let them do it. And appreciate the fact that you're witnessing such beauty. As parents, it's the only thing we can do."

Generous Donations provided by...

Made by Amie

Needles and Strings


Indie Gift Box's April Sweet Spring Box

We are so excited to finally share some rad news.... we're part of April's Sweet Spring Indie Gift Box! There were a number of times that we almost spilled the beans and we're pretty proud that we were able to get through the last few months without sharing. hee hee. To say that we're obsessed with Indie Gift Box is an understatement and when we were asked to be part of it, well, we immediately said YES! Try to get your hands on one Monday when they go on sale to the public or sign up for one of their subscriptions to ensure your box, receive a discount, and get an additional gift. We love Indie Gift Box and the fact that they support all of us artisans. 

These are the amazing businesses you'll receive your goodies from...


A Month of Celebrations

April is an exciting month for us at Koco & Viking, it's Jasmine's birthday month and we celebrate all month long! We're continuing the tradition of celebrating with all of you throughout the month and it's bigger and better than ever. You'll find the goodness here on our blog, over on our Instagram, and on Facebook! There will be giveaways, discounts, exclusive goodness, and so much more.

Thanks for sharing this special month with us. We look forward to partying with all of you!

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Obsessed ::: Ingie Gift Box

"This isn't your Grandma's box. Or your neighbor's. It's YOURS."

In the sea of box subscriptions, Indie Gift Box is the light guiding the lost! You won't get a bunch of sample sized eye creams in this deliciously curated box. You don't have to subscribe to it either, that's right, you can get it when you want it. As long as you act quickly, you can score $35-$85 worth for only $25! There are a limited quantity of each box because the pieces are created, by hand, and with attention to detail.

Indie Gift Boxes are not the norm, at all. "We tailor them for lovers of handmade goods with discerning taste and independent style." No one else will have what you have because IGB'ers are the hippest! They support independent and small businesses and we think that is pretty incredible. All of us Indie Artists need all the support we can get and we appreciate businesses like Indie Gift Box that build their business on that core foundation.

Creative themes that are matched with hand crafted items? Genius! February's theme was "The Librarian" and included a bookmark, earrings, bracelets, handkerchief for glasses, and an item from a past artist. Here's what it looked like...

So rad, right?! This month's box theme is St. Patrick's Day and they don't have many any left. 

We're beyond thrilled to be part of the April box. We can't reveal anything but it's going to be pretty killer, obviously! What are you waiting for? GO TO INDIE GIFT BOX NOW!!!


Crafters for Courage, A Fundraiser for Courage Worldwide

Instagram Fundraising Auction - Supporting Courage Worldwide

March 17, 2014 12 pm CST to March 18, 2014 12 pm CST

instagram account @craftersforcourage

Too many girls are forced into slavery, more specifically sexual slavery, around the world and in growing numbers. Did you know that the average age, globally, a girl enters prostitution is 13 years old? That is the AVERAGE! Girls are becoming younger and younger as the demand grows. This problem is disgusting and we are all responsible for helping stop it. Not only does it need to end, but we must take care of the victims. Courage Worldwide and their Courage House project aims to do just that. They care for girls who are victims of commercial sexual exploitation. 

We are so passionate about supporting the efforts of those fighting to end the oppression, slavery, and exploitation of women and girls. One of our favorite books/documentaries is Half the Sky. It is completely eye opening and celebrates women and individuals that are fighting the fight and supporting the victims. 

Being part of this auction means a lot to us and we hope that you come out and support it by bidding high and on everything you love! 


Team Lilly Bumpus Fundraiser for Children's Hospital Los Angeles' Easter/Spring Party

Instagram Fundraising Auction
Sunday, March 16, 2014
8 am to 6 pm PST
instagram account @lillyforchla

Shop Love You Deerly and Lilly Bumpus have organized a great auction for an Easter/Spring Party for Children's Hospital Los Angeles! We're really happy to be participating in this auction. We have been big supporters of CHLA for years and are happy to continue doing so. 

Please head to instagram and bid high!


Kate and Linny

We are thrilled to offer our Tree Carved Initials Necklace on the boutique deal site Kate and Linny! They're 40% off! What are you waiting for? Go.... now!

Display your love!
We hand carve each necklace with wood grain and hand paint them with our own process to make it look like real wood, no two are ever alike. The most common question we get is, “Where is the clay?” The entire heart is clay!


Helping Haiti - A Fundraiser for Tanner

Tanner Munro on a previous trip to Haiti
Instagram Fundraising Auction
Thursday, March 6, 2014
8 am to 8 pm PST
instagram account @bushelandbobbin

Tanner Munro is making his 3rd trip to Haiti next month as a member of the Christian Friendship Ministries. He is a super dad to his 9 year old son, 6 year old daughter, and amazing husband to his wife of almost 15 years! Tanner is also a personal trainer and all-around awesome dude. The first year he and his wife went with their kids to work at the Christian Friendship Ministries' Orphanage in Haiti. Before they left, they raised funds to take 20 of the kids to see the ocean for the very first time! They were also able to spend time with the children they have been sponsoring. 

Last year, Tanner went back with some small groups led by Ericlee Gilmore of CFM and they made repairs and improvements to the CFM compound. This year, a team of 9 guys will be installing a playground, bathroom, a water tank, and will be performing some major repair work. 


They still need a lot to reach their fundraising goal but together, we can make it happen! Please visit the Instagram Auction that his sister in law is hosting on her account and support Tanner, CFM, and the children of Haiti! For more about CFM, visit christianfriendshipministries.org. They also run the Haitian Bead Project, haitianbeads.com.

koco & viking has made a donation to this awesome fundraiser and we encourage you to donate what you can!


Shop Local... Creations by the Creek

Come out and join us for a day of shopping! Handmade, vintage, repurposed, and all that good stuff will be sold at Creations by the Creek in Paso Robles. We'll be there! 
Mention you saw this post and we'll give you 10% off.

Check out the event's facebook page HERE.

Saturday, March 1, 2014
9 am to 4 pm
77 Marquita
Paso Robles, CA 93446