Handmade Holiday Gift Guide • Day 6 • Dressed to Kill

Do your friends come to you for fashion advice? You're such the fashionista! These shops will keep you lookin' fly and you can grab some amazing gifts for the other people you love too!

KC Batik
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Instagram: @kris10apr_kcbatik
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I am a stay-at-home mother that is bursting with creativity so I put that on tee shirts!This started as a hobby of mine. I used to paint on canvas but no one ever saw the paintings unless they came to visit my house. The walls began to overflow with canvas paintings so I needed a new outlet. I researched batik and found a whole other avenue in which to show my work to the world through wearable art!

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Be a Rock Star Gift Giver™ with our heartfelt + meaningful gifts! Everything is made by hand in California along it's beautiful Central Coast by a mother + daughter team. koco & viking loves to create custom pieces that become treasured heirlooms.

Good Sailor Apparel
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Instagram: @goodsailorapparel
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Instagram: @shopatinycircus
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