The Handmade Artisan's Mind

 As artisans, we understand the value of handmade and handcrafted goods. We know how many hours, days, weeks, months... that go into each piece and we don't just mean "making" it. When we see that something is handmade or handcrafted, we stop to appreciate it. Even if a piece "isn't our style", we respect all that has gone into the process of creation. 

This is the mind of an artist/maker...
-Being inspired by something, someone, an emotion, a color, a song, anything
-A piece of art is instantly present in our mind and it's completely tangible, no matter the medium
-The urge to create is instantaneous
-Creating begins...slowly...
-Our first strokes, first notes, or first twists of wire are completed
-We take a step back and think some more, analyzing... EVERYTHING...
-The piece has a long way to go so we keep tinkering
-Doubt sets in- What in the heck? Who will want this? What was I thinking?
-OH! Why didn't I think of that sooner? That's what it needed!
-Okay, that didn't work out how we thought but it may be better.
-Nope, definitely not better. Rip it all apart or toss it.
-This time, I'm not going to do that but this. Yes! That's better!
-Finished the piece.
-Well, I finished the first version. You know, the rough rough draft.
-We make a few more and finally find what works for us.
-We finish the first FINAL PIECE!
-Our heart is soooo happy! We do a happy dance, sing, or shout a little.
-Now... will everyone else love it? Oh, goodness.
-We take photos at every angle, edit them, sit for hours thinking of witty copy, post it and wait. And wait. Just waiting for a bite. OR we're creating a booth set up that tells our story. We drive before the sun comes up, setting up our booth while the morning dew mists us, and wait for people to critique us.
-They love it! We love it! This is why we do it!!! Happy dance, again :)
-Oooooohhhh... look at that cloud... and the process begins again...

We found this amazing video!!!