:::inspiration::: HEARTS

Who doesn't love finding a heart every now and then?! I love love. It is such an incomprehensible emotion and the heart epitomizes said love. We were inspired by all things loverly, perhaps because I have my own, upcoming wedding. I have always been a true believer in Love Heals All. So, let your love take flight with our new pendant hand crafted with canvas painted with multi-mediums, lined for comfort, and made with lots and lots of love.

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2nd Saturday Art Walk in Long Beach

The novelty of doing something for the 1st time is not lost on Koco & Viking. Last Saturday, April 10th, we participated in the 2nd Saturday Art Walk in Long Beach for the very first time. We were total Art Walk virgins! The fair showcases some very talented artists and crafters.

Linden Ave. was shut down to make way for the Art Walk. There were street performers, live music provided by bands and djs of all types, and live art being made. Our friends and family came by to check it all out and had a good time. My cousin even bought me a great handcrafted tree pendant made by a friend of ours who is also a vendor.

We introduced our new items and the feedback was incredible. Additionally, we offered special Art Walk prices, seeing that it was our first time. Our signature clutches and handmade bracelets did really well. We had an incredible time and it was a bit of a change to do an outside event at night- just our style! Hopefully we'll sell more next month!

So, come on down to the Art Walk. Bring the family!

When: Every 2nd Saturday from 4-10pm
Where: Linden Ave./Ocean/1st in Long Beach (just a couple streets south of the Convention Center and a couple blocks east of Ocean)

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New Kids on the Blog

We've finally made it to the blogging world! How exciting to have a home for our thoughts when we're up at crazy hours with heads filled to the rim- imagining new crafts-whirling from inspiration.

So, we'll post what's going on with K&V; special events, new products, what we're working on, etc. You'll also find things that are inspiring us, what has us all aflutter, and all that good stuff. Even more exciting will be demonstrations/tutorials! Woohoo!

I, Jaz, promise to try and post daily :) Well, Monday-Friday, at the very least. Weekends are always busy with us at events. Check out where we'll be- here.

Totally stoked to be at the Long Beach Art Walk today- Sat. April 10th from 4-10 pm. Give us a visit, we're sharing A LOT of new pieces from our, newly launched, K&V Signature Jewelry line!

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