New Kids on the Blog

We've finally made it to the blogging world! How exciting to have a home for our thoughts when we're up at crazy hours with heads filled to the rim- imagining new crafts-whirling from inspiration.

So, we'll post what's going on with K&V; special events, new products, what we're working on, etc. You'll also find things that are inspiring us, what has us all aflutter, and all that good stuff. Even more exciting will be demonstrations/tutorials! Woohoo!

I, Jaz, promise to try and post daily :) Well, Monday-Friday, at the very least. Weekends are always busy with us at events. Check out where we'll be- here.

Totally stoked to be at the Long Beach Art Walk today- Sat. April 10th from 4-10 pm. Give us a visit, we're sharing A LOT of new pieces from our, newly launched, K&V Signature Jewelry line!

exes and oooohs


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