I Can Say My ABCs

We've been inspired by everything "Back to School". Although it has been a while for us @ k&v, we remember learning how to write letters on that brownish paper with lines and dashes. Do you? Well, we're bringing it back, Elementary styles with our new Alphabet Line.

Choose from a tote or 8x10 wall hanging, the letter of your choice, and a selection of 3 "doodles" to go with it! Each piece is customized just for YOU! We'll have very few, in stock, that are ready for purchase. We suggest ordering yours to make sure you get one. These are excellent gifts for everyone in your life. You won't be able to buy just one!

Spell out your child's (or nieces, nephews, friend's kid) name in wall hangings or carry a tote that is branded with your letter! Email info@kocoandviking.com to order one today!

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