Wire and Honey, Not Just a Clothing Company


Wire and Honey is a clothing company from Baltimore that is MUCH more than apparel. They created a business model built on philanthropy but they have become a small business with a big voice. The owner, Sa"Rah", has a heart for humanity that shines in everything they do. Wire and Honey's designs spread awareness and use their company as a platform to encourage all of us to do the right thing.

Supporting small businesses is kind of my thing but I share about Wire and Honey with my friends and family more than any other small business and it's simple to see why that is. I couldn't be prouder to support a company that has integrity and compels others to as well. When we give our nieces and nephews gifts, they are powerful Wire and Honey shirts.

Top Gun is my favorite movie and their Maverick, Goose, and IceMan shirts are hotter than "The Volleyball" scene!

Check out their Facebook page and see that they put their hearts into action! I am so lucky to have met Rah and to watch the growth of Wire and Honey. They deserve every amazing thing coming to them because they put that back into the Universe ten fold!


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