Make It! Mondays- Elastic Button Bracelet

On Mondays we challenge you to meditate by making something with your own 2 hands. We'll set you up with a project we've found around the bloggin' and internet world that won't take too much time or money to make, keeping your sanity at a blissful level!

Give it a shot, then leave us a note with how it went [splendid, awful, etc.] and a picture or link to your handiwork! We're looking forward to seeing how well you've done. Most of all, take time for yourself and unwind.

Today's Make It! Monday Meditation Challenge
Time: less than an hour

photo from diy network
Click here to get to tutorial

Thanks, diy network!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I was excited to see that you are a mother-daughter team. My site started out with me and my two daughters. We have added some great friends along the way. I love working with my girls.

  2. Love the bracelet. I put saved the tutorial page for a future time.


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