we're diggin' ::: ASPEN TREE GOODNESS

There are things that signify the changing of seasons; snow fall, crisp air, scarf wearing, etc. One of the most glorious of those are leaves changing color. The most spectacular showcase of leaves changing color happens with Aspens! Our hearts race at the sight of a golden Aspen set against snow capped mountains. Breathe taking. We searched for Aspen tree goodness and found these treasures...

1. Laser Cut Mini Wooden Hearts by Timber Green Woods
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2. Watercolor of an Aspen, original art

3. Real Aspen Leaf in Copper

4. Aspen Wood Tree Branch Buttons

Our own photos of our recent Aspen experience. Thanks, Breckenridge, Colorado!


  1. Oh My Goodness,
    How cool to see my own Aspen Watercolour here on your blog. And it's my birthday too. How special. thank you thank you
    peace n abundance,

  2. Hey thanks again and I did a quick post on my blog too. Great birthday present by the way.
    peace n abundance,


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