in the kitchen ::: BROKEN GLASS JELLO

Over the holidays, our kitchen was a factory of goodness! Not only do we roast a whole turkey and all the fixins for Thanksgiving and Christmas but we bake like crazy for all of the places we'll stop by to visit with family and friends. This year we made chocolate chip cookies, red velvet crack-le cookies (future ITK feature), 4 flavors of truffles (future ITK feature), and broken glass jello. The latter has become a new favorite.

We tried out Broken Glass Jello for the first time, ever, and are SO happy that it was received so well. It was so simple to make and is now our favorite. We liked it so much that it didn't get to all of the places it was supposed to... sorry to our family and friends that are reading this now and didn't get any. hee hee. oopsies! We were fans of the layered jello treats (someone always brings this to one of our xmas eve parties) but found this cool recipe at The Food Librarian and had to try it out.

This treat takes a while to make because you have to wait for the jell-o to set up but it's oh-so-simple. The reward? Well, it's pretty darn fantastic and looks pretty to boot. Try it out this weekend. The only dilemma will be; to share or not to share! We won't blame you if you choose not to!

Our pictures didn't come out too well. They were taken around 1am Xmas Eve mornin'. Hopefully you can see how cool they look. Really worth all the time. We should've made 2 batches! Maybe not. If that were the case, we would've had more to keep. HA!

Please visit The Food Librarian for the recipe and instructions on making, what is to be, your favorite new treat!

an uncut piece of broken glass jello

all cut and in their cupcake papers
If you try this recipe out, please let us know how it goes! Oh yeah, let us know if you give it away or not too. hee hee. Happy treat making!

Thank you, tons, to The Food Librarian for the recipe and tutorial.


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  3. They are so pretty...almost too pretty to eat! Your pictures turned out great!

  4. This looks very cool. I'll have to try it. I'm giving you the Stylish Blogger Award. Don't feel pressure to participate but check it out at Ninth Street Notions and follow me if you get a chance.

  5. Stopping over because a friend sent me the wine cork bath mat to check out. I love the idea although I think it will take a while for me to get that many corks. I love the jello recipe and I think I am going to try this when we have company for dinner next week, sooooo fun! I am a new follower now and look forward to lots of great things to try. :)

  6. Thanks for linking up at the Relax & Make Friends Blog Hop. I'm your newest follower! What an interesting recipe - I've never seen anything like it. Almost looks like a piece of art :)


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  11. I really love this recipe and your photos of it are wonderful. This is a very interesting place to visit. I hope you had a wonderful holiday and that the new year brings a full measure of good things your way. Blessings...Mary

  12. I'm saving this in My Favorites!I love finding new recipes and this is one I can't wait to try out! Thanks.


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