we're diggin ::: STARFISH

The cold and rainy Los Angeles winter has us longing for our breezy and sunny summers. As we dream about the magical time we can't help but picture ourselves, hair flowing and skin glowing just like mermaids (or mermen!). What mermaid would be complete without an adornment of a starfish? We, lovers of the sea, think that these magical creatures look beautiful in any form they take, especially when it is handmade or photographed!

To get your mermaid or merman on, check out these wonderful handmade goodies we found...

1. Felted Starfish

2. Starfish Photograph

3. Single Pane Window with a starfish, shells, and sea glass

4. Pink Leather Cuff with Starfish

5. Knit Starfish

6. Clay Starfish Button

7. Wax Seal Pendant

8. Starfish Painting


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