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Rupal in her own words...

Do you have any fun nicknames? 
My friends call me Rups 

Tell us about you!!!
I am originally from India, and moved in U.S.A. to purse Masters of Science in Engineering in 2004. That’s where I met my sweet heart in New York City. After marriage, we moved in San Francisco Bay Area, California. I am a proud mother of two little boys. I am self-taught artist; pencils and colors are jam!

What is the name of your business and what is it you make? 
NursElet®. I have launched this business last year to solve motherhood easier. I have created patent pending baby products to make nursing mothers’ lives easier and comfortable.

How did you start your business? How has it evolved? 
I have created NursElet® product from my own breastfeeding challenges to make other nursing mothers’ lives easier. I have developed my prototype and tested on new moms. NursElet – Nursing Bracelet is approved by local lactation consultant and pediatricians. Mothers love this product all around the world. It has been appeared in two national magazines. Fit Pregnancy and Baby (Feb2016) and Pregnancy and Newborn (Aug2016) magazines.

What is the meaning of your business name? 
NursElet®. I derived this name from my first product Nursing Bracelet.

What is something we wouldn’t know about you or your business?
My first wholesale order which was 1000 units of NursElet® - Essential Bracelet for Nursing Mom – which I have sewn in less than 20 days! Day and night sewing!! FedEx recognized my effort and published my story on their home page intranet.

What are your plans for the holidays? 
Spend time with friends and family. My first son’s birthday is next day after Christmas, so you can imagine my plan…party!
What does shopping small mean to you? To support mama and papa shops who put lot of efforts to run it.


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