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Hanni in her own words...

Do you have any fun nicknames? 
HBIC. My initials are “HB” and my small shop friends thought it would be hilarious to call me “HBIC” (head bitch in charge). I mean, if the shoe fits ...

Tell us about you!
I am a Texas transplant by way of Florida and Virginia before that. I grew up freezing my tush off in the 49th state in a tiny rural town (Wasilla) whose sole claim to fame is being the home of Sarah Palin … and also, I guess, yours truly! If you are what you eat, I am pickle-flavored popcorn and pumpkin … anything pumpkin. I am married to the kindest human being on the planet and together we are raising Wolfgang, a three-year-old toddler monster, and the little-boy love of my life.

What is the name of your business and what is it you make? 
Wolfe and Scamp. We make RAWR-some dino, dragon and unicorn hoodies for kids who want to slay while they pretend + play.

How did you start your business? How has it evolved?
Wolfe and Scamp is really a love letter to my son. Frustrated by the lack of imaginative clothing options in big box stores, I made Wolfe his very first dino hoodie in 2013. At the request of friends and family who wanted to buy rawr-some hoodies for their fashion kids, in 2015, I started Wolfe and Scamp. Lovers of both fashion and imaginative play embraced brand, and in 2016 we innovated to add things like dragons and unicorn unicorn jackets to our portfolio mix.

What is the meaning of your business name? How did you come up with it? 
Wolfe is my son and also the inspiration behind our designs. Scamp is your child, my child, every small person on the planet who has ever dared to dream big, be curious, and find magic even in the mundane.

 What is your biggest dream for you and your business?
It’s maybe not my biggest dream, but I do have this secret fantasy where Gwen Stefani's boys rock my hoodies. Those kids are RAD.

What is your favorite part? The part you don’t care for as much? 
Jim Henson said, “As children, we all live in a world of imagination, of fantasy, and for some of us that world of make-believe continues into adulthood.” I still want to be a dinosaur when I grow up! My favorite thing about Wolfe and Scamp is knowing that, when a child wears one of our designs, they are magically transported into a world where fashion is fun, where putting on a jacket is an invitation to engage in imaginative play.

What is something we wouldn’t know about you or your business?
In our first incarnation, Wolfe and Scamp looked like a baby gift shop.  For the first few months, we mostly sold bibs, burp cloths, headbands, beanies, … stuff like that.  While I enjoyed the process of making handmade gifts for babies, my passion for imaginative play wasn’t reflected in those offerings and in 2016 I made the decision to shift selling dinosaur, dragon and unicorn hoodies exclusively.

What has been your biggest accomplishment so far? What are you most proud of?
Albert Einstein said that imagination is everything. If we understand that for children, their work is play and that play is serious work, my biggest accomplishment is providing an opportunity for a child to stomp, crouch, or growl their way through an otherwise ordinary day.  

What are your plans for the holidays? What is your favorite way to spend the holidays? Favorite traditions?
For us, the holidays are all about time spent with family and friends! We do the usual family get-togethers, but also host a friendsgiving where the main event is Christmas crafting; each year Wolfe and his friends make an ornament which they take home to display on their trees. Now, last year we did mini gingerbread houses, and I can’t speak for the other littles, but our house didn’t make it 24 hours before Wolfe decided it was too delicious to display. Woops.

What does shopping small mean to you? 
When you shop small, you are making a conscious decision to spend your hard-earned dollars to support someone’s dream, to put food on their table, to make it possible for a parent to say home with their child. In addition to being my fashion muse, Wolfe is also a child with autism. When you shop at Wolfe and Scamp, 100% of the proceeds are applied toward Wolfe’s necessary medical and therapeutic expenses.

Why is handmade so important?
In a world where so much of what is available is mass-produced, disposable, junk, I like to think that the idea of something made from the careful, deliberate hands of a fellow human is something we should take seriously.


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