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koco & viking is a business run by 2 strong women, but you already knew that, and we are always intrigued by other women who are focused on doing awesome things. We got to thinkin' and knew we wanted to feature and honor women that we meet along the way who do said awesome things. So, we bring you the first of our focused woman features. We are so very happy and proud to introduce an old friend of ours who has started a new life as a business owner...

Danielle Santos

k&v: Hi, Danielle! Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

Danielle: My name is Danielle, and I currently live in Yorba Linda. I work full time for a property management company that I have been with for over 3 years. Although it is my full time job, I started my own business with Scentsy in March 2010.

Why did you start selling Scentsy?

My passion for Scentsy started in December 2009 when I had gone to a scentsy party at my friends house. I immediately was sold on the scents, warmers, and of course, the price points. I love my home to smell good, and as a new home owner, I was anxious to purchase the products. As soon as I did, I was hooked. It was only a few months later that I decided to become a consultant.

What obstacles have you had? How have you handled them?

Having a full time job, it has been difficult finding the time to put a lot of effort into my own business. However, I have a ton of support through the other women that have done the same and that have been extremely successful. I find time on the weekends, and in the evenings.

How do you separate yourself from other businesses?

I am constantly marketing my business and trying to think of new ways to do to get my products out there and set myself apart from the competition.

What advice would you give anyone who was interested in starting their own business? Specifically, what advice would you give a woman thinking of starting her own business?

Advice I would give for new business owners is: Don't give up. If you feel like you're business isn't doing as well as it should or could be, get creative. Start thinking outside of the box; stay positive and motivated. As soon as you do, I guarantee new contacts and business will fall right into your lap.

As women, there is nothing we can't do. We are the ultimate multi-taskers, and real life super heroes. It is so inspiring to see women that have their own businesses, are wives, mothers, cleaning ladies, cooks... and they do it with such grace. Having your own business is a challenge, but is worth it at the end of the day. You can amaze yourself with business ideas, and all that you can accomplish.

Where do you see yourself, your business, etc. in the future? What are your 5 and 10 year goals as a woman and a business owner?

In 5-10 years, I hope that my business will be thriving more than ever and to have many people under me that will benefit the way I have. I hope to have a family, and hope that I can be successful in all areas of my life.

Anything you would like to add?

My Grandmother has always told me, "Be the skipper of your own ship, Dani." And I have. Do what you love, and don't settle for less. That in itself is success.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us. You are a success, dear Dani, and we know your business will flourish with your guidance and focus!

Please check out Danielle's business on her website. You can also email her and she'll get back to you, happily. She's Scentsational!
Our own Scentsy review...

Danielle hosted a Holiday Boutique and we were privileged enough to be a part of it. Now, we never have seen Scentsy, smelled Scentsy, or heard about Scentsy so we were intrigued to see her set up. We were very familiar with Party Light and have spent a lot on their products, we haven't recently, but had in the past.

We LOVE yummy smelling things and were delighted when the room instantly filled with a magical scent. It was Danielle's Scentsy that wasn't overwhelming us or irritating our sensitive sinuses (it's a family curse of crazy sneezes when things smell too strong). The fragrance lingered all day like a familiar friend, keeping us cozy and our spirits lifted. Instant love.

Both of us ran to Danielle to check things out, grab a catalog, and Jasmine asked a MILLION questions. We just become more enamored with the whole line. It is safe, it won't burn down our homes because it doesn't have a wick and it warms to just a bit over normal body temperature. We're both clumsy, so this is a definite bonus. They have a trillion (okay, not a trillion but over 80) amazing scents. Jasmine smelled ALL of them! ha ha. One bar will last you up to 80 hours, more than your smoky candle, and costs a fraction of the cost of that firey candle of yours!

Okay, now we like things that smell pretty but we like things that look pretty even more. Well, their warmers come in a bunch of designs and sizes and we wanted them all. Not exaggerating a bit. We wanted a majority for ourselves and we could name a friend or family member who would love all of the others! Holiday shopping is easy with a Scentsy catalog!

Inexpensive, beautiful, and smells UH-MAY-ZEENG! We're sold.


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