xmas tune in my head #1

I love, heart, adore, and long for Christmas music. Bells start jingling out of my mouth in August. There is that one radio station that starts playing it 24/7 on Thanksgiving day and I live for that turn. Well, I haven't been driving a lot this season. Great for the wallet and everyone's health but bad on my Christmas music listening time. See, the "other half" doesn't care for the holiday tunes, even if they bring me much cheer, so it doesn't get listened to unless I'm by myself. Well, I don't have any of that time either (we're one of those lucky families who have been graced with layoffs during this wonderful time). Anyway, back to the music!

You probably thought, from the title of the post, that I was going to whine poetic about having a "damned song stuck in my head!". Just the opposite. When I get a XMas tune that makes me giddy jumping about in my heart and brain... I will share it with all of you. This time it is The Waitresses'- Christmas Wrapping. This song has to be in my top 3, if not #1, of my Favorite Secular Christmas Songs! What is yours?

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