We are all about giving back to the community and supporting those who need the help and blessings. I was invited by GiveBack, through the one2one network, to join their community and write about my experience. I am more than happy to have had the chance. GiveBack has made giving and donating easy. They have created the opportunity for you to build your own foundation! I know, like we're high rollers!

I just signed up for my own foundation and found 2 charities to support. You can find a charity by typing in the name or City and State. When I typed in my hometown, I was given a crazy long list. I was happy to have found so many charities are benefiting from this project. I can share what I'm doing with all of my friends on facebook and get them in on the giving too! Then they can tell their friends and the next thing you know, we're donating tons to charity!

My foundation (below)

Do you like to shop? ME TOO! Well, there are thousands of stores that you can shop online with and they'll donate a % of your purchases right into your foundation. You can then choose which of your charities will get the cashola! From looking at the stores, I found that they give anywhere between 2-15%. I was bummed to see that any of them would donate less than 5%. Home Depot, what's up with you guys? Only 2%? So, if I make a hundred dollar purchase, you will only donate $2? That doesn't seem right. So, shop the stores that give a higher percentage!

Giving is really made simple. The pages are easy to navigate (see picture below) and it is all in one place. Get to giving, you only have a little bit before the end of the year!

exes and oooohs

p.s. GiveBack.org's partner- Mission- gave my foundation $5 just for signing up!


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